Tea During Pregnancy What Everybody Ought To Know

With tea being a source of caffeine its often asked whether its safe to
drink tea in pregnancy.  Although the levels of caffeine in tea are much
lower than in coffee (half in some cases) the delicate balance required
for a babies safe development can all to easily be interrupted.  Never
one to shy away from answering a question I decided to do some homework
and here's the facts...

Although previously it was seen as preferable to cut caffeine entirely
this was only due to a lack of studies and so scientists erred on the
side of caution.  However, there's increasing evidence that moderate
caffeine intake is safe for your developing baby

Moderate caffeine intake is about 6 cups of black tea per day.

However, It's often difficult to get an accurate handle on how much
caffeine is in each cup of tea or coffee so the above may not be 100%.
If you want to be completely safe then there's a variety of other paths
to take...

Green tea contains much less caffeine than black tea and so you'll be
safe drinking more.  The average amounts of caffeine in various teas is:

  • US Tea (black): 40mg
  • Imported Tea (black): 60mg
  • Green Tea: 15mg

So unless you have a severe addiction to green tea and can go through 10
cups per sitting - you should be completely safe drinking green tea
during pregnancy.  In fact it could be beneficial to your baby with a
selection of powerful antioxidants.

# Alternatives

# Decaffeinate

When it comes to tea I'd recommend decaffeinating it yourself rather
than getting the decaffeinated variety as they [use powerful solvents to
'wash' the leaves][] of the caffeine and although no health risks have
been associated with this I think its safe to say that washing with
water is much better.

So to get caffeine out of your tea simply steep the tea in warm water
for 30 seconds before making your proper cup of tea with it.  Caffeine
'leeches' out quicker than the flavour so this is a good way to DIY
decaffeinate your tea during pregnancy.

# Herbal

You could also go down the herbal tea route.  Before dismisisng this
because none of the varieties are your beloved tea I'd give them a try
because I've often found a huge variety of nice fruity teas this way.
It opens whole new avenues for you.

# Bad Herbs

What you don't want to do is replace your tea during pregnancy with a
much worse herb or tonic.  So plants such as ephedra (ma huang), cohosh
and mugwort are best left on the shelf.  You should be fine with fruit
teas though.

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