7 Reasons to Drink Green Tea

Green teas health benefits are well documented but it's sometimes hard to remember exactly what it can do to help your health so
here's 7 of the top reasons to drink green tea:

  1. Cut Cancer Risk - Tea's cancer fighting properties have been
    much touted and it's all about the polyphenols in tea which help
    fight cancerous cells. Especially in the mouth, throat and stomach.
  2. Clear the Skin - Tea has amazing antibacterial and antiviral
    properties and a wet bunch of brewed tea leaves or a used tea bag on
    a cut, graze or infection can do wonders. I've even had it
    recommended by my doctor as an aid to conjunctivitis recovery!
  3. Protect Memory - The free radicals that cause the brain to
    develop diseases like Parkinsons and Alzheimers can be fended off by
    teas powerful anti-oxidants. Again - polyphenols!
  4. Protect Skin - Not only is tea put in skin products for its
    anti-bacterial properties but its also been found to be useful in
    protecting against UV light triggered skin cancer.
  5. Immortality - Well not quite 100%-live-forever but it has been
    shown on numerous occassions that it fights age-related illnesses
    such as furry arteries, heart disease, free radical damage and much
  6. Lose Weight - Green tea gives your metabolism a boost meaning it
    helps you to keep your ideal weight.
  7. Lower Blood Pressure - People who regularly drink tea have been
    shown to be 50% less likely to develop hypertension.
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