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Introducing Earl Grey


Often popular with men this tea. Not to suggest there's anything wrong with that. I'm sure there's lady's who would love a 'gud cuppa' Earl Grey but surely they'd prefer a cup of Lady Grey. A much more lady-like cup. In fact by its very name its obviously a lady's drink. As a lady* may drink a Lady Grey a man may drink Earl ...

Great Matcha Tea Shortbreads

While on the look out for an image to use as the avatar of my new Twitter account I came across this great picture in Google Image Search.

Matcha Shortbreads

Upon further inspection it turns out these great looking shortbread tea leaves are made from real Matcha tea and the owner of the images has a recipe so you can make your own!

Check out the recipe at Leites Culinaria here.

Excuse the Dust

Due to the original Wonders of Tea site being hacked after several months of neglect and no updates I've had to switch the site to a new home and a new service. Unfortunately one of the downsides to this is that the site will be a bit rough around the edges while I get all the old content re-imported and cleaned up.

Tea will be served shortly. In the ...