Earl Grey

Often popular with men this tea. Not to suggest there's anything wrong with that. I'm sure there's lady's who would love a 'gud cuppa' Earl Grey but surely they'd prefer a cup of Lady Grey. A much more lady-like cup. In fact by its very name its obviously a lady's drink. As a lady* may drink a Lady Grey a man may drink Earl Grey.

I would just like to state categorically that I am not an Earl of Her Majesty's Kingdom or Commonwealth Realm. I am merely a man (though capable of some damage when cornered with a brolly as Ron Carrot from school will know full well).

Anyway where were we? Yes - Lady, Earl Grey. What is it I hear you ask? Well if you've got this far I should hope you are asking that because I'm about tto tell you.

An Earl Grey Drinker

Earl Grey is a blend of black teas with oil of bergamot orange or in cheaper varieties you may find in places like Aldi it will be cat shavings with weasel urine fed oranges.

The Twinnings Debacle

Well Twinning's in their ultimate wisdom decided to do a 'Tab Clear' as us 90's kids like to call it - ey? No they didn't release a clear tea (that'd be stupid and very wrong). They released a fortified orangey version with extra oil.

The backlash was frothing much like a cup of latte which is innapropriate considering the tea-nature of this blog.

I've no idea what came of this horrible event as Wikipedia have been rubbish enough to not complete that section of their piece. So as afar as I know Twinning could be putting cat food in their Earl Grey now. The world has quite clearly gone insane and Twinings are at the heart of it with their meddling in Earl Grey.

Wonder Fact

Earl Grey contains "bergamottin" which is chemically related to the (I won't bore you with the name) but it causes many medications to be enhanced. Being called th "Grapefruit Effect". So now Earl Grey has become popular amongst youths and students who can't get their fix of Grapefruit juice to boost their drugs. If you see any non Earls or young louts drinking this stuff you now know why.

* It's perfectly acceptable for men to drink Lady Grey and that doesn't mean they are crosss dressers, transvestites or ladies of the night. I myself once partook of many Lady Grey teas and am no worse the wear for it.

Tea Farm in Malaysia

Thought this picture of a tea farm in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia looked nice.

Malaysian Tea Farm

Police Tea Van

Glad to see our police have their priorities straight!

UK police tea van 1

Updated Tea Directories

Major updates to the tea blog directory and the UK tea merchants directory. If you spot your tea merchant or site missing from either of these lists get in touch.

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Earl Grey Keeping the Peace

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Great Matcha Tea Shortbreads

While on the look out for an image to use as the avatar of my new Twitter account I came across this great picture in Google Image Search.

Matcha Shortbreads

Upon further inspection it turns out these great looking shortbread tea leaves are made from real Matcha tea and the owner of the images has a recipe so you can make your own!

Check out the recipe at Leites Culinaria here.

Excuse the Dust

Due to the original Wonders of Tea site being hacked after several months of neglect and no updates I've had to switch the site to a new home and a new service. Unfortunately one of the downsides to this is that the site will be a bit rough around the edges while I get all the old content re-imported and cleaned up.

Tea will be served shortly. In the meantime feel free to peruse some past reviews or check out another great tea resource: Tea @ Reddit.

Does Milk Ruin Tea's Health Benefits?

Milky TeaIts a question thats been cropping up in the news a lot lately and one I've felt compelled to get answers on. Although I'm never happy with just reading the latest news drivel so I headed for some real science.

Here's a list of scientific studies and their conclusions:

Well that certainly cleared things up didn't it? Well not really but there seems to be more weight on the side that it has no effect but to be honest the only thing I found to be constant in any of the studies I looked at is: Green tea without milk beat anything else.

Although maybe that deserves a post of its own too.